Wrong Signing Course? Yuk Sikapi with 5 Ways It!

This time I want to share how to address it all, because what we have chosen and already walk in the middle of a pity if we just step back. Therefore, how to respond when we go to the wrong choice of college?

1.       Try to follow the organization or SME that suits us
When we have entered the world of lectures that make us tired, start looking for a way out! How to enter the organization or SMEs on campus. It makes us comfortable to come to college and college. Do not we have the wrong choice of majors, even we are lazy to college. Stay in college as usual, because on campus will be many friends with one mind, a hobby, a community with us.
So, when we are not maxed out in the classroom, we can still maximize in the organization world or in SMEs. Because college does not just pursue a diploma but most important is you grow up and can find relations as much as possible. Make organizations and SMEs fit us in order to boost our morale to stay in college and come to college.

2.       Master one of the courses we like
Choose one of the courses we can master and we are most interested, because you will be the stars in the course. Even if we go wrong in college, do not make us backward. Keep ourselves and be the best in one. So we keep the spirit of college until graduation, do not stop in the way and regret in the later days.

3.       Follow the competition between campuses
During college, it is easier to gain access to an inter-campus competition that is local, national and international. Any competition from music, scientific papers and others. So you can explore and keep growing even though your college majors are misplaced. Following the competition between campuses can also make us add more friends and relationships on other campuses.
4.       Following seminars and workshops

To develop a scholarship that is not available on campus, we have to attend seminars and workshops, either paid or free. From the seminars or workshops you follow, you will get a certificate. Although getting a certificate, when you follow the seminar you should intend to seek knowledge and memeperluas network of friends with new friends who also participated in the seminar or workshop.
You must have a friend who once vent when the majors he chose wrong? Not even your friends, maybe you who are reading this article is also one of the wrong choice to enter majors. If you enter this category, do not worry!

This time I want to share how to address it all, because what we have chosen and already walk in the middle of a pity if we just step back. Therefore, how to respond when we go to the wrong choice of college?

5.       Find and develop the passion we have
After kalain read from points 1 to 5 this, why the last passion raised? Actually from point 1 to 4 it is very related to passion.
·         It will not be possible for you to enter a music SME if you do not like music.
·         It will not be possible for you to like a particular course if you do not love and really like the course.
·         It will not be possible for us to follow a certain race if you do not like the same thing.
·         You will not join a cooking seminar while you do not like to cook.

So why do we have to find passion and develop it? Because passion is life for us, how many graduates who have graduated and are smart because they do not find their passion, they fail at work, community life, and relationships.

Lectures are not just a place to find a diploma but more to the arena of talent searching, potential, relationships and scholarship. So, do not worry when we've entered the wrong direction. All the choices we choose and have been let go.

Lastly, when the passion runs on the suitability of the course, it will be better. But the wrong or wrong department should not be discouraged, because we can still grow and be the best for ourselves and others

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