Weight Problems Increase in Fasting Months

The Problem of Weight Growing on Fasting Months - Fasting Months are coming soon, a happiness for Muslims ahead of Fasting Month because this month is a month full of grace and forgiveness. In the month of fasting is often weight gain, this often does not make sense because we should fast our weight down but sometimes the opposite happens.

On this occasion admin Artikelind.com will share the reasons and causes of Weight Gain on the Fasting Month. Quoted from the Chairman of Indonesia Nutrition Association Luciana B Sutanto said the main cause of weight rise during the fasting month because too much sweet foods that contain excessive sugar

"Often break the fast more with the provision, so eat more sweet foods. It's true when breaking sweet eating a lot of sugar increase but must be remembered to consume sweet foods with controlled, "said Luciana when met Dream in Jakarta.

Luciana advises when fasting should consume appetizers with time lag. "Open the start fast with a bowl of cups and cookies, or other sweet foods. Give a break, then after prayers are continued with heavy food, "he explained.

Luciana adds an empty stomach with too much food intake triggers the stomach to work harder. So the stomach will feel uncomfortable.

"Try ta'jil consumption first just continued with heavy meal. Once the food is so overwhelming that much food the bloodstream goes into the bloodstream. Finally the body sleepy and weak, "he explained.

"Meanwhile, the matter of the meal should consume low glycemic index foods such as more fruit and vegetable consumption," said Luciana.

Well already know why Weight Gain Rise when Fasting Month? If this happens to you, the admin will also share the optional solution you can make in order to Lose Weight Problems on Fasting Months can be overcome.

Here are tips from Dr. Phaidon to keep your weight stable during fasting:

1. Enough sleep needs Lack of sleep can make your appetite increase. Try to keep during the fasting month hours of sleep remain fulfilled, so the appetite is still in a reasonable stage and not excessive.
2. Do not 'hungry eyes' Often we are 'hungry' so that when breaking into a moment for revenge and eating a lot. According to Dr. Phaidon, this is what makes weight jumped up. For that, always control the amount of calories that enter the body. 
3. Avoid direct large meals when breaking It would be better if breaking with snack and sweet, Maghrib prayer, then eat again. The selected menu should also be noted, choose foods rich in complex carbohydrates (brown rice, whole wheat bread, yams, or green beans), protein (chicken breast, meat, fish, tempeh, low-fat milk), and vegetables. Also note the portion, because if excessive will cause discomfort in the stomach and interfere with digestion that all day has been rested.
4. Select the menu with a good meal At mealtime, consume low-fat but high-complex carbohydrates (whole wheat bread and brown rice), protein (chicken, fish or egg), and fiber-rich foods (vegetables and fruits) to meet Calorie needs during fasting. It is also a good idea to consume multivitamin and mineral sulement at dawn. 

5. Set a balanced nutritional composition In order for the body to stay healthy and not quickly feel hungry during fasting, the balanced composition of food nutrition is needed. The recommended nutritional composition is 50 percent of complex carbohydrates, 40-45 percent protein, and 5-10 percent healthy fat in each serving. [Ai]


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