Understanding Growth and Development


Understanding Growth and Development - What do you like Growth and Development? We as human beings experience growth and development. To better understand the Definition of Growth and Development, will be given the following more complete explanation.

Understanding Growth and Development
Growth and development is the process of increasing the size, shape and volume in the accompaniment with the process toward maturity. Growth and development not only occur in living things but can also occur in other objects that have properties similar to living things are just not lifeless. For example growth and economic development, growth and development of education, etc.

The growth and development of living things is different from the growth and development of inanimate objects. The growth and development of living beings is irreversible and runs simultaneously. Growth is the initial process whereas development is the process toward perfection. In the period of growth will occur the process of differentiation and morphogenesis. While in the process of development will occur the process of organogenesis so that the living beings become complete organ and ready to multiply. 

Understanding Growth 
Growth (Growth) is a quantitative change (in the form of enlargement or increment from nothing into existence, from small to large, etc.) to matter as a result of the influence of the environment. Examples: the emergence of new teeth, the increasing number of teeth, the increase in height, etc. 

Growth is the process of increasing size, volume and mass that is irreversible because of the enlargement of cells and the increase in the number of cells due to the process of cell division. Growth can be expressed quantitatively because growth can be known by looking at the changes that occur in the living beings in question. An example is growth in plants can be seen in the presence of changes in height of the babe, counting the number of leaves, the number of flowers, etc.

 Understanding Developments 

Development (Development) is a process of change toward maturity or maturation that is QUALITATIVE (emphasized on functional aspect) due to the process of material growth and learning outcomes and usually can not be measured. Examples: maturation of ovum cells and sperm, the emergence of ability to stand and walk, and so on. 

Development is a process for leading to qualitative maturity in living beings, meaning that it can not be expressed by a tatpi number can be observed with the naked eye. The process of proliferation can be seen with the formation of breeding organs such as the emergence of flowers in plants that are then followed by fruit or tubers, etc.


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