The Process of Achieving Life

Some say life is an option. Actually, in my opinion life should indeed be chosen. Like it or not, like it. We have been given life from God, we use this life as well as possible. In living a life, there is a time and a walking distance, in which every human being goes through it and passes through it. God created us a process, in which process is something that runs over time to achieve something.

Duration of the process that no one knows, but the process we can estimate and we target. But in a process there is something to be aware of, that the process is directly proportional to prayer and endeavor. So, there is no tilting process to the right or to the left, serving the ingredients to be balanced. Who is the customer? The ferryman is ourselves, for who understands ourselves. Therefore recognize and ourselves actually.

Passing through a process needs to be mentally strong, to achieve the targets to be achieved, not just imagining it but enjoy the process as well. Without us going through and not wanting to go through a process, a target achievement we will never achieve. Because the real achievement of life is when we go through a process that we pass.

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