Primitive Attitudes in the Modern Era

Nothing unchanged in this world, which is unchanging is the change itself. The existence of change, makes us feel that we will not be alright if it remains like this, at least there is something necessary to refresh the mind. If we remain in this situation, then that is in front of the conditions that can be said to be life reluctant to die. Therefore, human beings are always evolving not only from biological field but from economics, moreover science and technology.

Looking at today's science and technology, I would not say traditional is something old and backward. Traditionally can be said as a culture, derived from the creation, taste and work made by the ancestors. Koenjtaraningrat in the sense of culture is the whole system of ideas, actions and the work of human beings in the framework of community life that belongs to human by learning (1985). Really a deep understanding, the results can be seen that is, Megalithikum, like, menhir, dolmen, culture basco hoa binh, sa huyn kalanay, a bris sous roche (cave painting).

Then what about primitives? According to primitive writers it is an irrelevant old way of use in the present. In the past, to express feelings or love, most men sent letters to women who became his lover. Today, it is only used by a few people, it is time to use the modern way, by expressing it directly.

Indeed there are people who want to change, but many are not. If you continue to use the primitive way in the midst of modern life as it is now, then what happens is exactly what Alvin Toffler says in his wave theory, any clash between waves will cause a small crisis (Pardoyo, 1996). That is, it can be imagined if in the future we not only discuss about the feelings and the letter but something bigger and impact on the majority of society.

 In the economy or way of survival, in the Paleolithic era, early humans (Megantropus Paleojavanicus) in the two million years ago used primitive means of feeding, hunting. They, apart from hunger, hunted, when the rain took shelter, and lasted until the Mesolithic era, a group formed, semi nomadic, Kkjokkenmoddinger and a sous roche bris were the proof. Early humans then gradually abandoned primitive ways toward modern ways of making farms, farms, irrigation, they no longer need to hunt but to make it easier to get food.

The activity went on and on until wet james found an efficient steam engine (thrifty), the Industrial Revolution was born. Long before that, European merchants used ships to sail to get spices, sometimes in their rough ways but still using the (modern) sense of how to empower the inhabitants of the colonies. Finally, the old ways of using muscle turn into a way that uses the brain and reason, creativity also gave birth to how to communicate, how to make something and peak how to manage and use science and technology.

Therefore, it is strange that we are provided with technology, but still insist on using the primitive (conventional) way. In Islam there is a saying, to be better than before, "Whoever is today is better than yesterday, then he is among the lucky ones, who is the same day as yesterday, he is the one who loses." Whoever is today is worse than The day yesterday so he cursed ".

Pitirim A. Sorokin argues that all attempts to establish a certain continuity and remain in social changes will not work well (Soekanto, Soerjono, 2014: 261). Now, much of the news and information around the ojeks that were originally the primitive way has been changed how to raise revenue and passengers by grab, uber and go-jek, but there are still survivors in the primitive (conventional) way.

As a result, those who primitively act with rules such as, should not be online taxis into the airport, should not be online taxi pick up taxi online at the Mall. Many online taxi drivers are found to be breaking the rules in contempt, beaten or even in unison together by conventional taxi drivers groups. Social change can lead to conflict, let alone the type of change that go-jek cs is a rapid type (revolution) because the changes directly touch the basic joints of life.

Their ways of resolving conflicts or cases are also primitive or rude. They do not give priority to the great interests, because they feel comfortable and safe with the usual circumstances and remain like this. In order for this conflict not to taper and to break the ropes, they should also join the three online shuttle service, many drivers who feel the benefits.

Look, some are out of the country, some whose income is mediocre turns out to be extraordinary, and many others. Those who join the flow of change will benefit, too, rather than those who keep using primitive ways like waiting or calling passengers. With technology, we can already prepare one vehicle, one driver to be ready to drive where we are headed.

Let's get rid of how to handle conflict in a primitive way and move on to a modern way. Putting the thought dialogue together is a way of solving the present, the author offers that the government can control the upper and lower tax rates to each taxi, all of which are required to use the app so that consumers can choose the desired "stuff". The government is also required to remove the rules, such as online taxis can not enter the airport and certain places.

Do not obstruct change while it is beneficial to the community, of course, who judges society. If people are satisfied with grab, go-jek and uber, it is expected that the number of private vehicle riders on the road will decrease. If, the changes made all three are hindered, then people are not satisfied with conventional taxis, so do not be surprised if private vehicles on the streets.

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