My aspirations are not as high as Heaven

Ita-my dream is not High Heaven - The ideals of something we want to achieve in the future, whether it's about work, mate and so forth. Often we are taught in school by the teachers, hanging your dreams sky-high. Plan as high as possible so that later you can live worthy, enjoying the life that should most people dream of.

The journey of life on earth taught me so much about the world, just as I made my age nearly 30 years old. Since childhood I grew into a child who often membangkan to parents, often get angry and a lot of problems in the family. Even though I'm a troubled child in the family, achievement in school may be enough.

Often when scolded at home for doing problems sometimes terbesit in self to be a good child. But the same thing always happens again, problems and problems and it keeps repeating like a vicious circle. The turning point of my life began when my beloved father left us forever in this world, just as I was in 3rd grade junior (9th grade right now).

From that moment I kept trying to be a good boy and give the best for my beloved mother. I also tried to study hard to achieve my goals so that the joy can give happiness for my mother that I did not have time to give for my father.

As a result I can menlajutkan lectures at one of the famous universities in my village, my meeting with a girl in my college became a momentum that is very extraordinary. Momentum that gave so much learning about life, made me so excited and motivated to work harder to achieve my goals. Approximately 4 years I also successfully completed my studies on campus and trying to find a decent job with capitalize S1 diploma.

Several months living in the city looking for decent work, I also got an offer to teach at a school located in remote villages. Remembering the services of the person who offered the job I also accepted the offer, in return for what he has given me so far.

The first two years I lived my life in that place made me often think of my life in the future. About my growing ideals and keep away from day to day, great ideals, high ideals seemed to be a figment. Giving happiness to my parents seemed to disappear with the reality I was experiencing.

Approximately two years of living in my new place I met someone very important in my life to this day. Someone who taught me about the meaning of life in the world, someone who taught me so many things. Someone whose services will not be able to reply, makes me recall my small ideals. The ideals that since childhood often terbesit in me when I was little, Want to be a good person. 

My aspirations are not as high as Heavens, not as deep as the ocean and maybe no one thinks these dreams have meaning in this life. I just want to be a good person no matter what people say, how people see and judge me. The rank, job, job are all just my daily routine to achieve my little dream. I used to think of achieving happiness by having wealth, rank, position, good job. To make my mother happy must by reaching it all, but now it feels bland. One thing I know now my mother will be so happy when I can be a good person, a job, a treasure, a job is just a bonus in this life that will give a different sense of happiness. 

Of all the things I've achieved from this life through a long process and an extraordinary struggle is nothing compared to proceeding for the better. To this day I am still struggling and proceeding to be a good person and this journey will never end and will continue and keep on going incessantly. Life is a choice, but not many people in this world have a chance to vote. I am grateful for having a chance to choose my own way of life. People want to respond like what, it's up to them ... !!!


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