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Definition of Education - On this occasion admin will share about Some Definition of Education. Education is a very important thing for life, where education can welcome a bright future life, both for oneself, social, environment, religion, nusa, and nation. Without education, the quality of self will also be very low, which will also affect the quality of nation and state.
 In English, the definition of education comes from the word education. While in Latin, education comes from the word educatum, where the word is incorporated into words 2 words ie E and Duco, E means is the development from the outside into, and the development of a little to many, while Duco means is developing. From here, education can also be called as an effort to develop self-ability

In general, the definition of education is defined as a conscious, real, and planned effort in a process of learning and teaching to realize the quality of self-learners who are actively able to develop the potential in themselves so that they have a strong foundation in religion, good personality, intelligent, have Self-control, have critical thinking and dynamic, responsible, and have the necessary active skills both for themselves and the community.
Some definitions of education can be put forth below:

M.J. Langeveld (1995):
Education is an adult human effort to guide immature people to maturity.
Education is an effort to help the child to carry out the tasks of life, in order to be independent, akil-baliq, and responsible morally.
Education is an attempt to achieve self-determination and responsibility.
Stella van Petten Henderson:
Education is a combination of human growth and development with social inheritance. Kohnstamm and Gunning (1995): Education is the formation of a conscience. Education is the process of self-establishment and self-determination ethically, in accordance with the conscience.

John Dewey (1978):
Aducation is all one with growing; It has no end beyond itself. (Education is everything at the same time as growth, education itself has no ultimate purpose behind itself).

H.H Horne:
In a broad sense, education is a device by which social groups continue to renew themselves, and maintain their ideals.

Encyclopedia Americana (1978):
Education is any process used by individuals to acquire knowledge or insight, or develop attitudes or skills.

Education is all ethical, creative, systematic and intentional acts assisted by scientific methods and techniques, directed at the achievement of certain educational goals.

From the various definitions of education mentioned above we can conclude that education is a fundamental human phenomenon in human life to deliver the human child into the world of civilization. Education is also an existential humane guidance and authentic guidance, so that children learn to recognize their unique, survival, and able to possess, continue, develop the previous generations of social heritage.


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