Benefits and Meaning of Philosophy of Science


Benefits and Meaning of Philosophy of Science - The variation of the material object, if observed contains identities that are adjacent or identical between one another. Such that all objects are in a systematic and inseparable relationship. Consequently, an understanding of a thing necessitates consideration of the other. Among these objects, give meaning, position and function. Thus it can be seen, for example natural objects give meaning, position and function to man and society and to God the Creator, vice versa. 

The question then is why the Philosophy of Science exists? In this case there are two things, namely internal and external factors. First, internal factors and science itself, meaning the historicity of science, until today developed into many types and more pragmatic. Encouraged by the discovery of the exact knowledge of the truth, then the restriction of the circle of objects (formal objects), and the use of appropriate methods and systems. Second, external factors are also related to internal factors, allegedly the cause is an external factor. In fact, the rate of human development is no longer balanced with the amount of natural resource inventory. So in this regard, it is necessary to have true and exact knowledge, which the practical nature of such technical knowledge can be useful in human life.

 Philosophy of Science is a field of study of philosophy whose object material in the form of science in various types and manifestations. So it covers the prulalitas of science. While the formal object is in the form of the essence of science. Thus Philosophy of Science is an essential knowledge of the true object of knowledge gained through the approach or point of view of a philosophical method or system.

Both of these factors in their development resulted in a technology capable of extraordinary. Presumably humans as the producers of technology directed toward ease. But behind all that human beings become greedy, greedy and human negligent to the task. As Caliph. Even humans lose their morale and faith, are individual, egoistic and exploitative, in the environment, even to God. With such a reality philosophy is present amid the diversity of science and technology in order to straighten it so that it is directed towards the achievement of its goals. Because science and technology are not only scientific but scientific value. Thus, science must be based on aspects of ontology, epistemology and axiology. Thus philosophy can neutralize the possibilities posed by science and technology. Based on the above descriptions it can be understood that the Philosophy of Science comes with a heavy responsibility, because in addition to neutralizing the findings of science, it also thinks about the useful science in human life. What is the benefit of Philosophy of Science? Speaking about the benefits of philosophy, at least, can be systematized on the following points:

1. Growing science to the glory so as to penetrate the dimension of scientific secularism.
2. Shaping and developing insight into the epistemology of science so that scholarly morality, that is, scientific nature becomes popular. Thus science and technology can be accounted for, not just the interests of human subjects but also the interests of nature as a comprehensive need.
3. Ethical demands, science can be accounted for so that people's lives are fair and prosperous and happy in the preservation of the natural environment more real.


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