Tracing Imagination Value (ART)

Art is something unique and abstract in man in a separate inner space in the life of the universe. Pure art has not yet been realized in a concrete way and is still a hidden picture in the imagination of every human being. So for the achievement of the embodiment there is a need for a touch of sense that is applied in tracing the value of the imagination to be displayed and declared through the procession. With various ways of expression and creativity, art can not be separated from human life. In that way, the art is really a core or life spirit to be colorful and meaningful.

However, art is still considered by most people as difficult to explain and difficult to judge by artists and art connoisseurs. With this side of the assessment, the gap occurs conceptually in enjoying and understanding the artwork. This also often makes artists clogged with their imagination and out of line principle, just so that their artworks are more easily accepted by the art connoisseurs and can follow the development of the existing era of the art world. Art will not be understood if only one side of the course assess the literacy.

The understanding of art can be traced gradually, as we enjoy it in different dimensions when faced with one dimension, two dimensional, three dimensional, even four dimensional ones. Herein lies the uniqueness and art of art, for the relativeity of every point of view with messages and impressions of which various opinions assume. Thus, art will be complicated if we do not unite the Imagination Value Imagery (ART) with the Flow of Applied Flavor (ART) that exists at each other's point of view.

On the side of the viewpoint of most people, art refers to the element of beauty that terponjolkan.Karena with such beauty, we can unite the flow of each flavor to the embodiment of artwork. Art is also invisible and perhaps many people ignore or realize that art is a gift that the Creator gives to human beings to annotate his mind as a combination of the embodiment of the harmony of living things in the universe.

If we are not only stunned and stunned the art exists only on the application of audio and visual as a separate subject, but on every line or all instruments of life that exist. So that it is uncomplexed and confined to potential imaginations in a narrower world of art. So from here I get the lesson, that the art must be seen and understood more widely. In fact the whole thing in this world is built through art.

Actually, the art is everywhere. Art is already essentially human in establishing and maintaining the balance of thoughts, words, and deeds while living life in the universe. With Imagination Value Imagination (ART) combined with the Flavor of the Applied Flavor (ART), Praise the Lord we will get a broader and looser inspiration in producing artwork. Art can be realized and appreciated to anyone, not just artists and poets.

Art is passed by generations by our ancestors. Art begins from family customs to tribes with empowering and inherited in culture. Art is there for farmers to grow crops, the art is on the sailor for sailing and looking for the catch, the art is in literature to flow the writer's word, the art is in the sport to become a qualified athlete, the art is in business for negotiation and investment and art Is in the industry for the development of the era let alone in the design of more sophisticated technology. How widespread the art is, if we wade through knowledge.

By looking at the art as a whole, too, many artists who get more inspiration in the creation of imaginations that inspire them make a brilliant work innovation. For example Walty Disney who can produce famous cartoon animated works such as the mickey mouse, this is inspired when he is against a mouse passing in front of him. Or the baristas and chefs who often improvise mixing various foods and beverages to make new menus and flavors. It's simple if we see art as part of our lives that always comes up and develops us to saturate our interests and potentials. It does not have to be talented, as long as we are willing to try and be creative in sharpening the art will lead us to a great ability or skill.

Art exists in life to develop the colorful beauty of the world. Art will be safer and more comfortable if used and properly applied. Because with the era of globalization is increasing rapidly, many of them the realization of the misguided art. Where political art is increasingly poisoned KKN (Corruption Collusion Nepotism) and imperialism that blossomed back in the world of riot and war. It is as if we go back to medieval times, where territorial seizures and power are still a bitter problem in getting peace and independence. Especially this time with the increasingly modern art context in their damaged imagination, very subtle and very dangerous in the systemation injected in the life of society. In the art of technology and the digital world too, we are haunted by hackers who skillfully play the art of programming language to tear apart the system. How also if our younger generation prefer free sex or illegal drugs (drugs or narcotics) as their art relieve themselves in every problem?

If these young people are dragged into a black stream, it will be very dangerous for them to express false footing and containers. Because they are on the way to establish a foothold and a container to be true to life. They will become unexpected monsters as extreme perpetrators in realizing a ferocious artwork in the black currents. So it is not fantasy too many multiple personalities can become more evolved pervert in this global era. So would the message and the impression I get, where I was taught by the universe to gain greater value and sense of art in my life. Art that is currently polluted beauty. With a damaged imagination, art also brings every human being to the concept of destructive life.

The progress of this age should not necessarily make the mental retardation of its generation. Where democracy bounces into democrazy for an increasingly dilapidated appreciation of the art of life. These concerns need to be watched by keeping and training the next generation so as not to erode or even to grind us through its black currents. By starting the context of thinking from an early age to what they know and get their knowledge in a positive direction. Starting from the family, introducing the art of warm and harmonious life so that the development of their imagination is not disturbed. Provide a proven education that is not easily terintrupsi, both at home and at school and dive into the community environment as well as outside the environment. Directing interest or talent to the right potential and surviving, so that in the future is not channeled blindly until dragged into the black currents that change the ability and skills in social life on the negative things. Because art is an important factor in every human being builds his life.

Without art honed, humans will be difficult to develop in various areas of life. I at the beginning of my childhood was less so responded and maximized art on the journey of my life. Until very sorry, I tried to embrace and regenerate the scattered arts so far. One of them is by writing and drawing. In addition to reducing memories or memorials, writing can also combine the knowledge I get with art as a center of inspiration and my intuition makes writing. And the result praised God, I started to write my ideas on a writing or drawing. Although still some of them are jammed and stalled the flow of pouring my ideas or ideas. 

But this obstacle I continue to try to overcome with various art that I have got. Even from the obstacles that exist, with art sometimes I can come up with other intuitions that can execute as what might be called an alternative path or solution. With the art I developed on writing and drawing, I was able to store and accommodate the imagination and the flavor I streamed into a tangible form and as a documentary of life that had crossed my mind. Art will be beautiful in time, like caring for a plant where the seeds of good art taste produce good art pieces as well. In the end, the art will become a deep-rooted culture in humans according to the fertilizer received previously. Let us cultivate good art for our future generations both physically and spiritually. Continue to continue the arts of Indonesia ... more positive, active, creative, and innovative ... !!!

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