In Age 20s Not Only Material Self-Sufficiently, But 6 Things It Should Already You Have

Entering the age of 20s, one by one the maturation phase you begin to experience. All the challenges in it was inevitably you must pass before finally able to get the title as a human being who fully adult. The phases toward adulthood, of course, require a lot of things to run in accordance with your expectations and the people around you. One of the things needed is independence.

But people (probably including you) sometimes just think the age of 20's requires only material independence. But it is not.

Mandiri is materially, in the 20s is indeed wah. Because, not many people are able to do that at a young age is still considered. Actually, not only independently of materially you have to think when stepping on the age of 20-an. But you also have to pocket some branches of that independence for the sake of your life in front of it.

1.       As you get older, you must learn to control your emotions. Let you later become a better person
People say money indirectly can give you happiness. However, the real happiness you will get when you are able to manage your emotions consciously. Without emotion, your life will obviously be bland. And vice versa, if too many emotions you can not control, happy in life will slowly move away.

Age 20s (or even before) is the right age where you have to learn how to control your own emotions. You should be able to set the portion of pleasure and sadness for both of them to fill each other in the future. Arranging emotions is not an easy thing, but if you do not learn from now, get ready yes, you will be hassles in the future.

2.       Without needing anyone to ask, set the behavior according to the place you also need to understand
The words, attitudes, to gestures you do every day, quietly build your personality in the eyes of people. For that, you need to have full power over regulating your behavior. Because, what you do now, it will certainly have an impact in the future.
Independence regulate the behavior you need to have from the very beginning. In fact, you should always do it, even though no one asked you to do that.

3.       Age 20s this, you should be able to bring yourself into a new environment. No need to wait for others to help
At this age, you must be exploring with new environments around you. Either by following a particular activity or moving from origin to overseas. The independence to adapt in this new environment is mandatory. Because sometimes you can not ask someone else to do this. Entering and getting acquainted with new environments such as school, workplace and others will gradually increase your sense of belonging as a human being.

4.       Ability to solve every problem you must have. In order not to always depend on others later
While you are still breathing, you must have problems every day. Problems are given for you to raise your level of life. From that can not yet be able. Or from good to better.
From each of these problems, it is expected that you can get the solution independently. Although not possible you can get help from others, but in this age that is still on fire, it's good you always try to solve your own problems.
Solving problems independently is difficult. However, as a young man who said he had a lot of crazy ideas, the 'do not want to try?

Dare to take a decision out of the outcome of your own mind you absolutely need. Because, your maturity begins with it
While still young, you must be diligent in studying to make your own decisions. Although the results are not always what is expected, but from there you can take a lesson on the maturity of thinking over the consequences of each decision.If at this age you still want to be driven by the talk of people, the continuation of your life will continue to exchange you with uncertainty just because you are afraid to take any decisions.

How self-sustaining about love is necessary. Have a boyfriend or not, you must have that source of happiness all the time

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