How to Run Good in the Day and Its Impact on Health

How to Run Good in the Day - Running is a simple, cheap, and easy to do sport. People usually run in the morning or late afternoon. What about running at noon? What are the benefits of running during the day? Well here we will review the dangers of running during the day for health that you should know.

Many people take advantage of running sports to lose weight because this method is considered not difficult to do. But apparently, running should also be done the right way

How to Run at Daylight
Use running shoes. Never use sandals to run. It is risky to cause injury, legs are heavy, and cramps.
Choose the right clothes. Many people ran using hot clothes to produce more sweat. This is the wrong way. Wear clothing that effectively absorbs sweat and is also comfortable for you.
In order not to tire easily, run by way of half foot just like tiptoe.
Breathe in the proper way to practice breathing and heart. Breathe only by using the nose. Inhale for 3 seconds then remove, breathe again then remove.
Run for 45 minutes. Do it every day. This is so you get used to. The first time may be heavy, if you are not strong then run as hard as you and add the duration of running over time until you can constantly run within 45 minutes. Do it according to ability, 3 to 4 runs in a week is good.
After running, straighten your legs and drink 2 glasses of water. Furthermore, if the sweat is not out please continue with the bath.
No hurry when running because you are not racing. Do it at normal speed, enjoy, and see the results.

What about running at noon?
Running is not always able to have a positive impact. Many people think sweating is the main thing to lose weight. In addition, when running came the assumption that the harder the body's work, the stronger the immune system.

Apparently it's quite dangerous to do !!!!
Observe changes in your body while exercising. At that time your body temperature will increase and you will feel the heat of the body. Naturally, the body's system works to keep the body in normal condition. In other words, when the body temperature increases, the system will perform the function to keep the body temperature to remain normal. The body heat will be absorbed and the process of evaporation of sweat keeps the body temperature normal.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to whether the sweat really reduce your weight? Temporary weight loss occurs when the body loses fluid, so when you drink, the weight will return to normal

Weight loss The actual weight loss is when calories burn. And all you need to do is exercise in the right way. Some people ran by using a jacket to sweat more. By using a jacket will make the process of evaporation of sweat stunted so it will be more easily exposed to heat stroke. In addition, there is also a risk of dehydration because of too much discharge of body fluids. Characteristics are dizziness, dizziness, cold hands, even unconsciousness


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