Here Are 8 Types of Food That Makes White Teeth Shine. Still Like Coffee? Relax!

Having white teeth is everyone's desire. With white teeth, your appearance will certainly look more attractive, in addition you become more confident in smiling, laughing, or talking. Unfortunately, the foods and drinks you consume often affect the color conditions of teeth. Not to mention if you sleep in a state not yet toothbrush. Just imagine, the leftovers left to rot and cause the teeth to become yellow and also hollow.

To keep the teeth stay white, you can actually rely on these 8 types of food. The content is able to keep the teeth white shine, although the variety of food and beverage color you concentrate. Check out the following explanation yes!

1.       Who would have thought that besides delicious, the cheese content actually makes your teeth healthy and shiny
Good news for you cheese fans. This one food is able to make your teeth stay white shine thanks to calcium and phosphate in it. This content can reduce the acidity of the mouth and keep the teeth from damage. Your teeth become stronger because of the high vitamin C cheese content. It's white, protected by health.

2.       Apple water is able to increase the production of saliva that serves to clean the teeth. Your mouth is so fresh
Apple is refreshing and good for health. If you regularly consume it, then gradually your teeth will be clean of bacteria. This is because chewing apples can get rid of the bacteria that stick to the teeth. The content of malic acid in apples can increase the production of saliva that serves to clean teeth from food and drink stains.

3.       Try the consumption of strawberries with baking soda let your white teeth created
Not only apples, you can also rely on strawberries to keep clean and whitish teeth. The presence of folic acid in strawberries can lift and clean the various bacteria left in the tooth. Especially if you consume it with baking soda, the more brilliant white.
 You can also rely on pear for white teeth and germs that disappear instantly
When you eat a pear, you may feel that the fruit is quite a lot of water content. Pir is refreshing, so it's not wrong you love to eat it. Plus when chewing pear, the bacteria that make the mouth odor and yellow stains on the teeth can be reduced. In fact, the dirt-dirt on the teeth can disappear.

4.       From the color, the nut is thought to be the food that causes yellow teeth. In fact, the content can whiten teeth
Are you a fan of peanuts? If so, you can be more like to consume it because it turns nuts including one good food to clean teeth. Almonds for example, able to maintain healthy teeth and gums, so your teeth strong and fresh. Even plaque and stains attached to teeth can be lost. This of course makes you more confident.
Do not be lazy to eat celery because your white teeth can be realized by rubbing it like a toothbrush

5.       If you do not really like vegetables like celery, think again. Because celery can make your teeth white, because it can remove the stains on the teeth. You can also eat celery like brushing your teeth by using the stem celery. That way, your teeth look white glowing.

6.       Carrots are also good for dental health, unfortunately if you do not eat them. Change from now yuk!

7.       Besides good for eye health, carrots are also good for teeth and mouth. Eating carrots can increase the production of saliva that works to clean the leftovers and strengthen the gums. If you include people who rarely eat carrots, from now try to change yuk.

8.       Not only food, but a drink of green tea can also be used to whiten teeth
There is a compound called Catechins on the leaves that can fight plaque on the teeth. Bacteria can be lost if you consume green tea regularly. Want to serve hot or cold, both you can consume and make the white teeth glow.

Now you do not have to worry anymore to appear confident anywhere and anytime. Because by eating the eight foods, your teeth remain white and shining. You can be free to smile, laugh, and talk at will.

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