About the Wechat App

About the Wechat App - Who is not familiar with the wechat app? An app that provides satisfaction in using chat communications with exceptional features. For those of you who are not familiar with the wechat app is very unfortunate, you have missed a cutting-edge application to chat. 

WeChat is a Chinese chat application created and developed by a technology company called Tencent. Initially, this WeChat app can only run on Symbian, Android and iOS operating systems only. But as the number of Blackberry users today, WeChat applications now also have been able to run on the Blackberry operating system. WeChat has been well known among smart phone users in China, even WeChat ranked first in China as the most users chat application. With these positive responses, WeChat is being developed and is now expanded to various countries in the world, such as Indonesia, Arab, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal and many other countries. 

With the WeChat app installed on your Blackberry device, it can make it easier for you to communicate between smart phone users. WeChat also features sophisticated and exciting features that instantly feel your greatness when using WeChat on your Blackberry device.

Fitu Wechat Application
1. Video Call With WeChat, you can communicate between smart phone users with Video Call mode for free and real time. You can also switch directly from Video Call mode to Audio Call mode instantly.
2. Voice Chat Another feature of WeChat is Voice Chat. With Voice Chat, you can chat with the voicemail of leaving the voicemail to Blackberry users or other smart phone users for free by recording your voice and instantly sending it to your friends. 
3. Shake This is probably the most sophisticated and interesting feature of WeChat. With this Shake feature, you can search our fellow WeChat users by shaking your Blackberry device. But to enable this Shake feature, you must first enable the location data access feature on your Blackberry.
4. Drift Bottle With WeChat, you can also send text messages or voice messages at random by using the Drift Bottle feature. You can send text messages or voice messages randomly like sending a message by sweeping a bottle into the open sea. 

With such full features it is very unfortunate if we miss to use wechat applications. Wait let alone download wechat app right away and you will feel great chat satisfaction with your friends and relatives. WeChat applications can be downloaded for free at WeChat's official website located at www.wechat.com.


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