10 Ways to Make Your Monthly Money Not Fast Out

If you live separated from your parents, the endlessness of the month may be frequent. Not yet a "payday", monthly money from parents is almost gone. The desire for frugality exists, but it always fails to be fulfilled. Actually what is the way to make our monthly money not exhausted before the time?

Failed to downsize can also be because our way to save is wrong. Well, this time, Hipwee will give you the right tips on how to save your monthly money. Come on, see!

1.       Expenditure According to Need
Often when we have received money from parents, we go directly to supermarket subscriptions for monthly shopping. But, know if that habit will actually make you wasteful?
When shopping monthly, we seem to assume all the stuff we need is out and we need to buy new supplies. In fact, our inventory is still quite up to mid or even the end of the month. Not to mention, shopping at the beginning of the month also increases the likelihood that we will be tempted to buy things that we really do not need, such as packed snacks, soft drinks canned, and instant noodles of all flavors.

Well, from now on it is better to shop when indeed we need to buy these items. Allocate funds to meet your monthly needs and note also the quantity of these needs to be enough for 1 month ahead.
2.       Do not Lose Survey Rates on Places to Eat

Who said if saving not good to eat? You can still, really, eat well and try the latest cafe or restaurant in your town. But with one condition: do not be lazy to price survey.
You can survey by read-read people's blogs or ask your friends who've been there. Besides being able to arrange your dining budget, you also can know the review of the people about where to eat it. So not nyesel deh eat there. Eat nice, thrifty, and keep updating, dong.

3.       Set Day to Grab Monthly Money
If you take monthly cash at the ATM whenever you need it, slowly change this habit. Why? Because every day you definitely need to use the monthly money to eat or buy gasoline with monthly money, right ?.

Taking a monthly cash everytime you eat or buy gasoline will make you wasteful because of uncontrolled cash withdrawals. Well, as much as possible specify on any day you will take your monthly money. Use the money well until the next day. Believe, deh, this will make you more efficient.

4.       Wash Your Own Clothes
Sounds like spending a lot of time. But, washing your own clothes is one effective way to save money. If for laundry you provide money 100 thousand rupiah each month, think if the money that you convert so the money to eat? Not bad to add-added budget meal in the latest restaurant?
Also, just think of washing clothes as a sport for your hands.
5.       Walking to Campus
Do you know the price of gasoline is expensive now? Not to mention the subsidies that (he said) would be reduced. Drawing the price will be more exorbitant.

Well, walking to campus could be a solution to save your gas budget. It does not hurt at all. In addition to thrifty and healthy, you can all 'wash your eyes' deh all the way.

6.       Do not Be Tempted Discounts
This one must be hard. 10% discount just does not seem to be missed. Even if it's hard, you should be able to stand the temptation of this discount. Discounts will get you to buy items that most of them may not need. In addition, most items sold are old models and prices have been raised before they are sold. Loss right?
Instead of buying discounted goods, it's better to just jug your money first. Who knows later there are similar items with better quality and cheaper price.

7.       Take advantage of Free WiFi or Modem. Not to Warnet!
Be grateful if there is a place with free wi-fi facilities in addition to the cafe and restaurant. But if you do not exist, usually the cafe is the ultimate goal. Internet in the cafe is expensive, you know. Every hour we have to provide at least 4 thousand rupiah. In fact, often we spend more than 1 hour in the cafe.

Compare if we use a modem. Now it's a lot of internet quota packages are sold at cheap prices and quota that do not play around. With 48 thousand rupiah, we can get a quota of 8 GB, which in reasonable condition, will run out within 1 month. We can also buy a modem that is not reserved for one particular card, and change the starter card instead of reload the credit. The starter pack will be cheaper and more bonus than regular card refill.

8.       Do not Shame to Buy Used Goods
Shame if caught buying used goods? It's not his time! Now there are many shops that sell used goods with excellent quality and care. Goods are sold any kind. There are clothes, shoes, accessories, books, bags, to boarding supplies such as shelves and cabinets. Anyway this is the right place deh for you looking for goods needs with cheap price and quality okay.
No need to be embarrassed again if you buy used goods. As long as the quality is still okay, you should be proud because it can find goods with super cheap price.

9.       Fasting
Fasting is obviously going to help you save money because it reduces your daily allowance. It's been frugal, can also reward. But remember: the intention is not just to save, yes. Set the main intent to fast the sunna or replace your favor in the month of Ramadan. Problem being frugal, that's an added advantage.
Routine fasting every Monday and Thursday. That's quite helpful, really.

1    Be More Productive
Ever aware not if the more free time you have, you become increasingly wasteful? This is because usually the activities you do to fill the spare time requires a lot of money, like watching in the cinema, eating, to the cafe, or playing games.

Try to reproduce activities outside the lecture. You can join the organization on campus, join the event committee, or humanitarian activities in your city. In addition to saving your money from extravagant activities, you can also expand your experiences and your circle of friends.

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